Promotional Poster for Jung Min’s Japanese album “Summer Break”


SS501 gifs : Making of Kokoro mv. (and leader behaving like a tired parent of 4 mischievous children)

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Hyung Jun’s flower wreath for Hyun Joong’s World Tour Concert in Yokohama - daenta

saitama concert making

  • jm: can you tell us the 3 songs you like best?
  • ys: please be nice to me? (1st)
  • jm: give us a thank you speech for being the first /points at hjl
  • hjl: it was wuss up (3rd) then if you cannot (2nd) followed by mine in 1st place. what makes me really happy is that mine fare better than hyung jun's song.
  • jm: that's right~
  • hjb: these people are evil.

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According to Young Saeng’s Japanese website, he will be discharged from the army on July 30th, 2015 (SakuraDream501)

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SS501 Moments: Hyung Jun’s comment on our early bird, Kyu Jong

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SS501 Moments: The History of SS501

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I have nothing if I don’t have YOU

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I want to relive the ‘battle of the boygroups’ era where SS501, Big Bang, DBSK and Super Junior emit the manly aura together on stage.


10/ Sets of my man that make me go insane (in no particular order) ♡ 080225 Presidential Inauguration Ceremony

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Hyung Jun “Cafe - In” Interview Photos with Ohmystar

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The Dorky501 Guys(◐‿◑)

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Kim Kyu Jong backgrounds asked by anon :)

bigger size: 1*2*3

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